Oculus Rift CTO slams AMD's upcoming API

Oculus Rift CTO John Carmack has slammed AMD for pulling back from Mantle for all its three platforms and sending apparently setting it just for PCs.

According to VR-Zone, Carmack said that Mantle would be a good thing for AMD if all three platforms support the API.

He said that if Mantle is just for the PC then he was not personally interested.

“But if I was still doing the entire major tech coding, I probably would not be embracing Mantle right now. But there would be days where it would be extremely tempting.”

Previously, wording provided by AMD led to the assumption that the Mantle API would address not only many Graphics Core Next-based GPUs and APUs on the “metal” level, but the GCN-based APUs found in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This would, in theory, allow developers to create games for all three platforms more easily, and implement similar AMD-driven features across all three versions.

But Microsoft said the Xbox One wouldn’t support Mantle, and AMD quickly followed up saying that the API was strictly for PC gaming development.

To be fair, Carmack is pretty much an Nvidia man. In early October he tweeted that he believes Nvidia’s OpenGL extensions can provide a similar number of draw calls as Mantle. The ability to do nine times more draw calls is one of Mantle’s major selling points.