Obama launches new Semiconductor Working Group

obama-funny-face-grr-growl-640x397The US government has launched a new initiative to put the US back in front in the semiconductor industry.

President Barack Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology (PCAST) today announced the launch of a new Semiconductor Working Group that will provide recommendations to address the rapid rise of semiconductor businesses abroad.

John Neuffer, president of the Semiconductor Industry Association, the US industry trade group, said in a statement that the US industry was facing major challenges and was facing unprecedented government investment programmes in some countries like China and Taiwan.

Meanwhile getting to the “next stage” meant increasing technological complexity involved in achieving innovation breakthroughs.

“These developments have implications not only for the economy and society, but also national security. In fact, SIA earlier recommended the Administration form a public-private advisory group to help guide government policy related to improving the competitiveness of the US semiconductor industry,” Neuffer said.

Neuffer added that semiconductors were a “fundamental building block for US technology leadership.”

“They enable commercial innovations that drive economic growth and productivity, as well as strategically important platforms that ensure US national security, such as satellites and supercomputers. The chip industry spawns new industries, makes existing industries more productive, and drives advances once never imagined,” he said.

To stay on top. The US needs a vibrant industry and the Obama plan will allow for the assessment, analysis and formulation of recommendations to the next Administration on how to maintain US leadership in this key sector.