NXP claims first with ARM Cortex chip

NXP, the spun off semiconductor division of Philips, said it has started sampling what it claims is the world’s smallest general market 32 bit microcontroller.

The LPC1102 is based on the ARM Cortex-M0 design and takes up five square millimetre on a printed circuit board. NXP also claims it’s the lost price 32-bit microcontroller on the market.

The chip comes with 32K of Flash and 8K of RAM and comes in wafer level chip scale packaging (WL-CSP)

Features include a four channel 10-bit ADC, a UART, an SPI, two 32 bit and two 16 bit timers and a 24 bit system timer. It has eleven I/O functions and only consumes 130microAmpsMHz.

Samples will be made available to its customers at ESC 2010 in Silicon Valley later this month, and more generally in May.

Philips still retains a 19.9 percent stake in NXP shares.