NXP abandons MRAM patents

The spin off of Philips – NPX Semiconductors – has apparently decided that there’s no future in MRAM, once a most promising area of memory.

But that’s not true for Crocus Technology. It said today that it has bought the entire patent portfolio of MRAM intelectual property from NXP.

Crocus describes itself as a leading developer of magnetic semi tech for dense, high speed chips. It intends to make high density memory chips for applications in the telecomms, networking, storage, computing and handheld sectors.

It already has over 100 issued and pending patents in magnetic technology, most of them created by its own engineers or its partnership with Grenoble based Spintec.

No details of the price Crocus paid were available – NXP will continue to concentrate of mixed signal, RF, analogue, digital processing and industrial semiconductor applications.