Nvidia wins loads of Sandy Bridge notebook contracts

Following anti-trust and anti-competitive woes it seems Intel has thrown Nvidia a bone of sorts. It has won 200 notebook designs for 2011 alone, including for machines that sport Sandy Bridge.

Of course Intel plumped for Nvidia over rival AMD for its graphics chips. It’s been confirmed that 125 notebooks will be powered by Nvidia kit. According to Reuters, head honcho Jen-Hsun Huang confidently told analysts that 2011 will bring notebook market share to its highest yet.

Despite the integrated graphics built into Sandy Bridge, it’s thought manufacturers are towing the safe line by contracting Nvidia for its kit, too. Nvidia shares are mainly unchanged. 

Meanwhile, with the notebook market a safe bet, it continues to eye up the swelling mobile sector. It’s got its eyes on quad core processing in the coming year and it was recently announced that Nvidia added a mobile processor to its GPU range – the GT 540M.