Nvidia warns of the death of Moore's Law

Bill Daly, Nvidia’s chief boffin as warned that Moore’s Law is in danger of dying out.

He said that the cunning plan of Intel and AMD to use serial CPUs will kill off Moore’s Law which will only be saved if more people move to  parallel processing, and in particular GPUs.  GPUs made by greenish goblins we guess.

Daly said that for more than four decades, Moore’s Law has held true, thanks in large part to Intel first continuing to crank up the speed of its processors, and more recently by rapidly growing the number of processing cores on a single chip.

However, now Moore’s Law has reached its limit on traditional CPUs from the likes of Intel and AMD and needs a new way of doing things if it is to continue.

He thinks that energy needs for the CPUs Intel and AMD are pushing out there are creating an environment where Moore’s Law can no longer continue.

“We have reached the limit of what is possible with one or more traditional, serial central processing units, or CPUs,” Daly wrote. “It is past time for the computing industry—and everyone who relies on it for continued improvements in productivity, economic growth and social progress—to take the leap into parallel processing.”

He added that what worked in the 1980s and 1990s is not working anymore, despite what Intel officials say, and a new way of computing must be adopted.

As the demand for greater computer performance grows, the problems with the serial CPU architecture will become more apparent, and Moore’s Law will come to an end, he said. More, surely Moore,  here