Nvidia wants to build self driving cars

model tIn a leap into new territory, GPU maker Nvidia wants to start making self driving cars.

It took Nvidia the better part of a decade to gain acceptance as a global automotive supplier, a lesson for other technology firms hoping to make a similar move  from consumer electronics to car components.

Danny Shapiro, Nvidia’s senior director of automotive operations said that after all these years making entertainment systems for cars, Nvidia had learned a thing or two about jalopies.

Now it things it is ready to build automated driving systems.
The company is pushing to crack the emerging market for driver assistance systems, which include such tasks as self-parking and semi-automated steering and braking.

Those systems require huge amounts of computing power in very small packages and Nvidia is waving its Tegra X1 about to fill the role.

Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore said that Nvidia brings unparalleled graphics capabilities that could prove critical building blocks” for driver assistance systems.

Nvidia got coaching from automotive customers who liked the company’s technology but were not sure of its ability to measure up to their standards.
Nvidia had to go back to its suppliers to make sure that key components, from memory to power supply, could be upgraded as needed over that longer life cycle.

Nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jen-Hsun Huang said that when you work with car companies and you engage in these developments with them, over the years you adopt their culture.

He said that “the car is dying to be reinvented.” We just hope no-one dies while Nvidia reinvents it..