Nvidia to launch GT 430 card by October 11

Nvidia’s latest graphics card, the GT 430, will be in stores by October 11, according to KitGuru.

New reports have surfaced that Nvidia’s DirectX11-capable GT 430 is ready and will be in shops by early October, with production and pre-assembly going on right now.

There should be two different versions of the card, a 74w version with 128-bit GDDR5 memory, with an expect price of around £89 ($139), and a 60w version with 1280-bit DDR3 memory for around £69 ($109), adding to Nvidia’s growing line of affordable graphics cards.

The cards should employ the new GF108 processor, which is both low cost and easy to make, allowing for an even cheaper addition to the graphics market.

KitGuru said it expects “sensible performance” from both cards, but that the 60w version will die if anti-aliasing is enabled, so it certainly won’t be a gamer’s new best friend.

The low prices are seen as part of Nvidia’s new focus to drive down costs and steal customers from rival AMD. Nvidia launched the highly successful GTX 460 for a very reasonable price, but it surprised many in the industry by dropping prices by $30 recently, making it even more bang for buck.

It also launched the GTS 450 for between £99 ($129) and £129 ($149), giving people with less cash to splash options for upgrades. This latest move reveals one of Nvidia’s cheapest cards to date.

If things continue like this we may see DX11 cards even cheaper. Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, revealed that the production time for Fermi cards is decreasing all the time “from days to hours and from hours to minutes and from minutes to seconds.” If production times are considerably cut then Nvidia makes a massive saving, which can in turn be offered to customers.

Of course, this is currently speculation on the part of KitGuru, but it claimed: “we honestly believe we’re right way more times than we’re wrong.” It was not wrong about the GTX 460 price decrease, so potentially this latest news is also true.

However, TechEye was tipped off by a friendly source who told us: “If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.”