Nvidia tinkers with its high end

nvidiaGPU maker Nvidia is making a few changes at its ultra-high-end, and introducing a “new” mobile GPU that’s not really a mobile.

The GeForce GTX 980 has not shipped with the traditional “M” on the end of the model number. For Nvidia fans looking to buy a notebook with the chip inside it, that would not be a problem – they would know that this was not a mobile chip.

Nvidia has done its best to configure the GPU so that it will not drain the battery too fast. It has made some careful optimisations of the components that accompany the GPU. This includes changes to the memory, voltage regulation module, and PCB.

This helped Nvidia take the full desktop GeForce GTX 980 GPU (GM204) and cram it into mobile form factors. These helped it achieve high frequencies at lower-than-typical voltages.

The GPUs are paired to 7Gbps GDDR5 memory and heatsinks with up to 2X the cooling capacity.

Notebooks powered by this GPU will be unlocked, and fully overclockable. And they’ll also offer users the ability to alter fan curves.

The GeForce GTX 980 will apparently allow notebooks powered by the GPU to push multiple screens or power VR gear.

MSI GT80 is huge for a mobile PC, and packs in a mechanical keyboard and 18.4” display and we suspect you will need to be as rich as Croesus to own one. But it is telling that the gaming market is becoming so important that Nvidia is prepared to tinker with its top of the range models to make them fit into notebooks – even if they are not true mobile chips.