Nvidia thinks Intel should make its chips

Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang was in the bath the other day and was suddenly hit by a brilliant idea.

He reasoned that Intel is wasting all that cash on R&D when his company is also looking into new chips. Everyone knows that Nvidia comes up with much better chip designs than Intel, they only just have to ask Huang.

Just as he got his big toe stuck in the cold tap, Huang figured that Intel should put its cutting-edge semiconductor factories to work building chips from companies such as Nvidia, Qualcomm, Apple, and Texas Instruments.

He said that Intel did not need to waste money trying to build mobile chips, but it could make a real killing being a foundry for all the mobile companies.

According to Forbes, Chipzilla thanked Huang for his contribution and said it would look at it in the fullness of time when all things are considered and oh, look, there is a badger with a handgun.

Intel spokesman Jon Carvill said Intel’s foundry business was small and its focus is really on Intel based platforms. He said that Intel’s process technology is a huge advantage going forward in 2012 and 2013, so it’s the company’s focus, at this time, on building Intel products, not on building products for its rivals.

Intel is building chips based on designs from other companies. Earlier this year, semiconductor designer Tabula said Intel will build the company’s 3D programmable logic devices using Intel’s latest 22-nanometer manufacturing process.

But it is a long way before Intel enters the realm dominated by chip foundries such as TSMC and GlobalFoundries.