Nvidia tells us nothing new about the Ion Next Gen

Today TechEye was invited with some of the other UK technology hacks to a swanky hotel in South Kensington to hear about Nvidia’s Next Generation Ion.

I wouldn’t say we were excited (TechEye tries to remain emotionless, like a tech news honey badger) but we were keen to hear what would be said. After all the Next Generation Ion has been anticipated for a while with speculation rife that perhaps two versions would be launched.

After all one is already available in the Acer Aspire One 532g netbook launched last week at MWC. This, some were speculating, would be the first, slower version, with a speedier second to be announced.

So you can imagine our surprise when we were thrust a press release about the Acer Aspire notebook and told all about the Optimus again. The Ion was mentioned, but only in relation to the Acer notebook, which we already knew about as it was announced last week.

All we were told that several other machines with the Next Generation Ion would be announced next week at CeBIT, but none could be discussed now.

Brilliant. Thanks for that.