Nvidia talks up its quad core chips

Graphics chip company Nvidia has been engaged in congress with the industry in Barcelona and has been bigging up its four core Kal-El chip, based on a combination of its own technology coupled with ARM technology too.

Kal-El is already sampling and is aimed at the tablet end of the market, using Google’s “Android” operating system.

In an entry on the Nvidia bog, the company described its first quad core mobile processor as a “little beauty” that is “alive”.  The Tegra chip will let mobile gizmos display at the highest resolution possible, said Nvidia.

The quad core processor contains a 12 core GeForce graphics processor and Nvidia also talked about projects codenamed Wayne, Logan and Stark – set to appear at regular intervals over the next three years.

Nvidia is getting so excited about the future that it’s dubbing gizmos using future Tegras as the next wave of “superphones” and “super tablets”.