Nvidia talks up 3D and tablets

Nvidia Generaloberst Jen-Hsun Huang has been ruling that 2010 will be the year of tablet computers and 3D glasses.

As a result Huang thinks that Nvidia, which happens to make graphics chips will be cashing in.

Speaking at the company’s analyst meeting, Huang said he was excited about the growing wave of consumer excitement around the trends that favour visual computing.

He told them that this was the core application of the company’s graphics chips.

Huang praised Apple’s iPad tablet for establishing a new category in computing that consumers are ready to embrace. Of course the fact that it does not have an Nvidia GPU under the bonnet did not dampen his enthusiasm.

There will be other tablets that want Nvidia chips under the bonnet and “we haven’t seen the best of it yet.”

He said that tablets are likely to be the best way to consume a lot of content, including books, magazines, the web, games, music, and movies.

Huang added that the core computing market will give way somewhat to accommodate all of the new devices, meaning revenues for those devices will eat somewhat into core computer revenues. But he said that the new devices won’t replace laptops and desktops, which will be used for data entry, information access and content creation.

He was optimistic about how Fermi would do this year now that it has launched.“What’s different now is Fermi is in production,” he said. “Two years ago, I was just fantasising about it.”

Huang might have fantasised that Fermi chips got better reviews, probably because Nvidia did not give them time to do decent reviews. less than stellar reviews upon launch because the company didn’t give reviewers enough time to review them.

Nvidia is also trying to pioneer the market in 3D viewing of movies and games on computer monitors and TVs with 3D glasses. He said that Nvidia was ahead of the ball and every major computer plans to launch 3D glasses-based products this year.

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