Nvidia takes a pop at Intel Moorestown

The maker of graphic chips Nvidia has dusted off its handbag to smite Intel over the head over its new Moorestown chips.

The green goblin has gone on the record as saying that there is is no way that the Atom Z6xx series of mobile processors, has a bat’s chance in hell of being competitive.

The Z6 family is supposed to bring both higher performance and lower power consumption.

However,  CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has indicated that Intel should give up now.

He said that the Z6 cannot put up a good fight in the smartphone In an interview with Laptopmag, the CEO  said that Intel is still a long way off from reaching a reasonably low wattage.

With Zen-like sagacity,  Huang said: “You could give an elephant a diet but it’s still an elephant.” We think we can all learn something from that.

His logic is that when Intel thinks about power they think reducing from 20 watts down to five watts and four watts down to two watts is clever.

“But you and I both know that in a mobile phone you need to be at a hundred milliwatts, two hundred milliwatts. So they’re still ten times [distance] away.”

Huang said Tegra 2 is already superior, in terms of both performance and efficiency, to what Intel is proposing and it is unlikely that Moorestown platform to catch up.

This is because Nvidia is about to release a Tegra 2 successor early next year. Not that we have seen any mobiles with Tegra 2 in them yet.

While he was having a go at Intel,  Huang had a pop at Apple too. He said that the  iPad set the performance bar too low by not offering support for Adobe Flash.