Nvidia speeds up superchip development

Nvidia is plotting to how make headway on its new superchips and try not to making themselves look comic.

For a while we have known that Nvidia is naming this range after it’s favourite superheros including Logan, Kal-El and Wayne.

The thing that makes these chips “super” is apparently that they have a high performance and low battery draw.  Leaping over tall buildings  is not apparently required.

While Kal-El has already emerged from the phone box, Nivida has been a bit quiet about its plans for Logan and Wayne.

Now it seems that it wants to speed up development on these two chips using its Indian unit in Bangalore. More than 80 percent of the work will be done in these centre as well as the company’s plant in Hyderabad. Over in the Pune unit, boffins will also work on the chip’s software.

Nvidia claims that the faster than Flash moves and developement have put it “six months ahead of others” when it comes to the quad core space.

Bernard Gleissner, vice-president of sales, EMEA and India, told Indian press that the company’s nemesis inadvertently pushed it into success after it sued Nvidia in 2008 and forced it into the mobile chip space.

In added that Intel still “did not have an active play in the space”, although its new 3-D transistor technology, to feature on Ivy Bridge processors in 2012, hoping to be Kryptonite to the rest of the chip world.

Earlier this month, the company reported revenue of $962 million for the first quarter of 2012, up 8.5 percent from the preceding quarter.