Nvidia ships GTS450

Maker of graphics chips and mobile chipsets Nvidia today has finally announced it will be shipping the GTS450, the low-end incarnation of its current Fermi marchitecture.

Cards packing the GPU will be priced in the $129 dollar range, meaning a lot of new PCs will be screwed together with the cards, making Nvidia a jolly green goblin again as its market share rises once more.

Nvidia’s market share took a hit in this year’s second quarter, falling from 29.2 to 19.7 percent year-over-year. Last time TechEye spoke to Nvidia, its representative was rather up-beat about his employer getting back on track with its Quadro cards and the release of Fermi-based gaming cards with a price tag of $200 and below.

Specs were released end of August by retailers who put cards up for preorder. The GTS450 has 192 CUDA cores, 1GB of GDDR5 memory and is clocked at 783MHz. Spending $60 to $80 on its slightly bigger brother the GTX460 would buy seven instead of four processors and 336 CUDA cores. It features a HDMI mini port to hook it up to monitors or HD LCD tellies.

The card ought to be sufficient for the average gamer and will offer good bang for your buck. Nvidia claims the card is 65 percent faster than an ATI Radeon HD5750 for DX11 games using tessellation, and more than 30 percent faster for DX9 and DX10 based games. The card also supports Nvidia’s 3D Vision, although it is questionable if buyers of $129 graphics cards will also pop out and buy a pair of 3D glasses and a 3D telly or monitor.

 PNY GTS450 card