Nvidia settles 2008 class action suit

Nvidia has finally agreed to settle a class-action suit.

It has bowed down to a 2008 case against it after a range of companies accused it of supplying faulty graphics chips.
It has now set up a website for owners of the affected parts to get involved in a settlement that has been reached.

However it was quick to point out that the settlement was not an admission of wrongdoing. It also said that it had mounted numerous defences against the accusations that its products have failed.

The results now mean victims will get compensation although this will vary dramatically and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  A user with an affected GPU does not have to settle, but must exclude themselves by November 5. Users with a notebook manufactured by either Dell or Apple, and containing one of the affected chips, are eligible for a replacement of the affected part.

However Hewlett-Packard owners are eligible for an entirely new notebook “similar in kind and value” to the one that was affected.

Users are also eligible to compensation for repair expenses accrued while trying to solve issues associated with the faulty Nvidia chips. But those funds will be paid out of a general pool, and the amount per person will depend on the claims received, according to the settlement notice.

Users will have to prove that the affected notebooks are suffering from problems related to the faulty media controller or GPU. These include distorted or scrambled video, random characters, or, in certain cases, an inability to detect a wireless network. However on the bright side up to $2,000 may be provided to buyers of certain models with a faulty GPU or MCP.