Nvidia rolls out Fermi for notebooks

Jolly green graphics goblin Nvidia is shipping out its all-new and spiffy Geforce 400M notebook GPUs to makers just in time for the holiday season.

The GT 445M, GT 435M, GT 425M, GT 420M and GT 415M will make normal users happy, whereas “performance users”, as Nvidia calls people who salivate over being able to run upcoming game sequels at a high setting, will be happy to lay their hands on a notebook equipped with a GT 460M or GT 470M.

GPUs GT 415M through to GT 435M will come packed with 1GB of memory and will be clocked from 500 to 650Mhz. Being the low-end, entry-level model, the GT 415M will only have 48 shader cores, whereas the GT 420M, GT 425M and GT 435M will have 96.

The GT 445M is set to have either 1 to 1,5GB memory and runs at 590MHz and has 144 shader cores. In contrast, the three top-enders GT 460M, 470M and 480M will have 192, 288 and 352 shader cores.

All GPUs naturally offer Nvidia’s power-saving Optimus tech, which switches the GPU on only when needed. 3D is no problem as long as the happy consumer has a notebook with a 3D display and a pair of Nvidia’s 3D glasses. Acer will soon be shipping the Aspire 5745DG notebook with the GT 425M and a 3D screen, whereas Asus is going to send forth its new 3D notebook Asus G53Jw packing a GTX 460M.

Punters will be also able to hook up their notebooks to a 3D telly using Nvidia’s 3DTV Play ploy.

Apart from Acer and Asus, makers such as Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba will soon be rolling out notebooks featuring 400 series GPUs. More are set to follow.