Nvidia reveals Nouveau GPU info

Hoping to avoid another round of abuse from Linus Torvads, Nvidia has released more public information about its GPUs.

In June, Torvads hit the headlines with a torrent of abuse directed at Nvidia.

He called it “the single worst company” the Linux developer community has ever dealt with, complaining that the chipmaker doesn’t do as much as it could to ensure that its hardware plays nicely with his open source operating system. To applause from developers he said “Nvidia, f**k you” and delivered a one fingered salute.

Now Nvidia’s Andy Ritger is holding out an olive branch by releasing public documentation on certain aspects of Nvidia GPUs, to improve their usability with Nouveau.

Writing on the Freedesktop list Ritger promised to provide more documentation over time, and better guidance.

The first document has been posted here specification.html which deals with the Device Control Block (“DCB”) layout in the VBIOS.

While Ritger admitted that the information was probably not news to the Nouveau community, it might be helpful to confirm your understanding or flesh out the implementation of a few unhandled cases.

He also promised to that those who work on Nvidia’s proprietary Linux GPU driver will pay attention to Nouveau at lists.freedesktop.org and try to chime in when they can.

If developers have specific questions for Nvidia, they can ask on the newsgroup, or direct them to: open-gpu-doc at nvidia.com.