Nvidia hints TSMC 20nm process partnership is a done deal

An Nvidia executives’ statement on contracting TSMC as the company’s 20nm process foundry provider has been taken as gospel by industry executives.

In an interview with the Hankook Ilbo, Phil Eisler, general manager of GeForce GRID Cloud Gaming at Nvidia, said that the company had approved TSMC’s 20nm foundry capacity.

Nvidia, needs a 20nm partner after recently branching out into processors for non-Apple tablet PCs and smartphones, which require advanced processing technologies.

Eisler told the South Korean newspaper that the company had assessed other foundry options but TSMC had come out as the top dog as a result of the pair’s “long-term cooperation” and the fact that TSMC had consistently provided Nvidia with “the optimum portfolio of production capacity, technology and pricing”.

The announcement is sure to sadden Samsung, which was hoping to get a bit of Nvidia’s 20nm action and boost its low silicon foundry presence, which is said to stand at around 1.6 percent of the overall market.

Sources told Taiwan Economic News that TSMC is also planning to tempt Apple away from Samsung’s processing technologies in 2013.