Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M Fermi leaked

Laptop maker Eurocom has leaked details of Nvidia’s successor to the 280M mobile graphics chip.

The laptop maker has started to list a GeForce GTX 480M Fermi chip which happens to have a lot of memory and suck up power like a sponge.

The new 40nm Nvidia chip is part of a configuration option on Eurocom’s X8100 Leopard laptop coupled 2GB GDDR5, an 18.4″ display, and Core i7 processor.

It adds $386 to the price and ships with DirectX 11 support, PhysX, MXM 3.0b, and is expected to arrive in June.

When  it is an 18.4-inch laptop so you don’t have much optimism when it comes to the life of your battery.

It looks like you will be lucky to get an hour of battery time rather than the more usual two hours which is down to about ten minutes if you have to boot up Vista first.

The spec says that the chip has a 100 watt power draw making it a very hungry GPU. While it does have ahigh FPS is is probably something which ends up as being as portable as an elephant which has fallen into a tub of quick dry cement.

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