Nvidia forks out third of a billion in tablet gamble

Fabless semiconductor company Nvidia said today it will pay $367 million in hard cash for a Bristol semiconductor company called Icera.

The rationale is that Icera is really really good at programming on the comms side, specifically for mobile phones. And so for big mobile phones too – tablets as we have learned to call them in the 21st century.

Nvidia is eager to sell more of its chips into mobile phones and needs to get its act together to be able to successfully compete with giants like Intel and like even more gigantic Qualcomm. Well Qualcomm is definitely a giant in the mobile sphere.

Icera is, apparently particularly good at dongles. Dongles is the technology that allows us to file this story from the train that was supposed to go to Oxford but is now going to Banbury instead.

Nvidia’s shares hardly budged on the news.