Nvidia explains shoestring Kai platform

Nvidia is trying to spread the Kai gospel by promising dirt cheap tablets with an unparalleled user experience. And peace on earth.

According to a blog post from Nvidia’s Matt Wuebbling, the platform is a rather straightforward proposition – no bells and whistles, no fancy features, just a sensible approach to tablet design.

Of course, the approach involves Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chips, but at the same time it promises a $199 price point, previously unheard of for high-end tablets.

Such a price tag does not come without tradeoffs and Nvidia’s reference $199 design features a 7-inch display “with a standard resolution”. This means 1024×600, as there are only a couple of 1280×800 7-inchers on the market.

Kai can also be tinkered with in a variety of different configurations, with bigger displays and higher resolutions. It is safe to assume that the $199 price point goes out the window for those.

A 1024×600 tablet with a quad-core processor sounds like a steal at $199. However, as 720p high-end phones slowly become the standard, 1024×600 tablets don’t promise a very long shelf life at all.