Nvidia comes up with an answer to Mantle

Nvidia has announced details of its answer to AMD’s Mantle which was all set to clean the outfit’s clock on 3D performance.

However, it does not appear to be doing anything new. Instead of creating its own competing API, Nvidia is going to see what it could do with its own drivers to speed up Direct3D.

Yep, they are hoping to overcome Mantle’s advantages with a driver update!

Word on the strasse is that the upcoming driver update promises some substantial gains and will beat AMD’s best performance with Mantle. Of course, that requires faith in Nvidia’s numbers which is a bit like believing in the history of a Mel Gibson movie.

Nvidia did clarify that its new driver has a higher average frame rate, but still has more slow frames than Mantle. It thinks that it can improve that.

For the game Thief, which just got Mantle support, Nvidia’s showing off its new gains from optimising Direct3D, which is now faster than Mantle. The lead between Mantle and Nvidia’s D3D driver is just a few frames, but the slow but steady gain from each new driver will be a nice sight for GeForce GTX 780 Ti owners.

Nvidia did admit that there is a lot of room for efficiency improvements in DirectX 11, which is why the company is putting its weight behind DirectX 12.

We will see all this in action when the new driver is released in April.