Nvidia announces fresh set of semis

Maker of chips that draw pretty pictures  Nvida has released an upgrade to most of its graphic cards and lifted the kimono on the new GeForce 600M series.

The mid-range cards are based on the GeForce 500m series and use Fermi Architecture.

First out of the blocks was the GeForce GT 635M which has 144 or 96 shader ALUs or Cuda cores. It boasts a higher clock rate is greater in the smaller models. This is because of the DDR3 VRAM which is interfaced on a 192-bit memory with 128 bit connectivity GDDR5. The card was meant as a replacement for the GeForce GT555M and is based on the older GF116 and GF108 chips.

Next up is the GeForce GT 630M which comes in two flavours. It has the same set of ALUs as the previous model but its clock speeds on the other hand are lower than the GT635M. The memory interface is 128-bits wide and is also equipped with DDR3 VRAM. It uses a lot of the GF106/11 and GF108 architecture.

Lastly is the GeForce 610m. It has 48 shader ALUs and is powered by a 64- bit wide DDR3 memory interface. It is similar to the 500M class of chips but has a higher clock speeds. This chip is based on the GF 119 chip.

According to Mobile Bloom, all the chips have their clock rates maxed out. Notebook manufacturers will be expected to use a lower value, ensuring that they are not bound by the quoted clock values. The chips use the 40nm Fermi architecture which use Physx, CUDA and Optimus systems. There is no 3D vision technology in the GeForce 610M.

What is a bit sad is that the GeForce 600’s are based on the 500M which initially released as a rebranding of the previous generation. While the Geforce 600M series offers a bit of a performance improvement, there is little else to see here.

These chips are expected to be launched with the Intel’s new Ivy bridge processor which is expected to arrive in April 2012. However the Fermi’s 28 nm successor which is expected in the upcoming Kepler generation will be much more interesting.