Notebook vendors jump at AMD Fusion idea

The first notebooks to include AMD’s Ontario APUs are set to go on sale in the first quarter of next year.

That’s according to Taiwanese wire Digitimes, which claims that the chips will be used in netbooks and ultra thin notebooks, with HP, Asustek and Acer in line for adoption of the chip.

The Ontario chip is being manufactured by TSMC at a 40 nanometre node and will go into mass production as the year ends, reports Digitimes.

AMD’s other Fusion chip, the Llano, is being manufactured by spin off GloFo (Global Foundries) and will be delayed a little while. This chip will be built using a 32 nanometre process and is a more advanced Fusion than the Ontario, according to informed sources.

Indeed, Fusion chips are already sampling to selected customers and those in the know who have seen it describe its performance as impressive.

The Fusion chips combine processor and graphics processor on one die. Ontario is a low temperature chip which is unlikely to deliver as much muscle as the Llano, said sources. Digitimes is here.