Northrop Grumman breaks computer speed record

Defence outfit Northrop Grumman claims that it has created a new performance record for a computer chip.

The outfit in Redondo Beach in the former UK colony of Virginia claims to have doubled the frequency of the fastest reported integrated circuit.

Northrop’s Terahertz Monolithic Integrated Circuit operated at 0.67 terahertz, or 0.67 trillion cycles per second. This is a lot of cycles, even more than there are in Bejing.

The computer chip was developed at the company’s Simon Ramo Microelectronics Centre under a contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Speaking at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) International Microwave Symposium which we went too hoping that we would learn how to avoid making our pizza’s going soggy, William Deal, THz Electronics program manager for Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Systems sector said that he used a amplifier to speed things up.

He is pretty sure that it is the first IC operating at 670 GHz. It could be used to double the bandwidth, or information carrying capacity, for future military communications networks.

TMIC amplifiers will enable more sensitive radar and produce sensors with highly improved resolution,” said Deal.