Non-x86 chips to be killed off

A top analyst has warned that the writing is on the wall for non-x86 processors and has pronounced doom for Sparc and Power chips.

Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research said that microprocessors based on non-x86 are going to be extinct and servers chips from IBM or Sun have no business future.

According to Peddie, IBM and Oracle cannot get the economy of scale and they cannot support the R&D needed to stay current and meaningful.

IBM is still developing its Power chip and Oracle claims to be supporting Sun SPARC chips. Both are targeted towards mission critical systems where the expense of the system justifies R&D.

But the pair are going to run up against Intel and HP who are working on the Itanium project. Peddie thinks that only Intel will walk away from a fight between the technologies.

In an article for Xbit, Peddie said that the real war will take place between Arm and x86. Arm is too popular and too many companies have too much invested in that architecture to change. Intel will be the challenger and “continue an aggressive technology and marketing effort to gain market share,” explained Mr. Peddie.

He thinks that Power and SPARC will go the way of the Dodo by 2020. While that is not a bad innings, it means that in the long term Chipzilla will be even more powerful.