New Egg gets Sandy Bridge replacements

Hardware retailer New Egg has been writing to punters who were unfortunate enough to buy one of Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors as they hit the shops.

Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors launched at CES 2011 and were featured in a number of devices unveiled at the event.

Intel then said it had identified a circuit design error in its Intel 6 series chipset, code-named Cougar Point and it would take a few days to fix.

Several OEMs partnering with Intel suspended production of systems running Intel ‘s Sandy Bridge platform and offered to compensate customers affected by the Cougar Point design flaw.

New Egg, which sold people a huge chunk of pre-orders in early February, sent out e-mail notifying punters of the design problems.

Now it is telling people that it has a limited numbers of replacement motherboards and they are beginning to arrive in its warehouses from the manufacturer.

“We will begin making them available in batches based on the date the original items were purchased. No further action regarding this specific order and item is required from you at this time. As soon as we receive shipment for the date range of your order we will notify you promptly,” New Egg promises.

It has taken more than a few days for Intel to start to get the repaired units out, but it certainly looks like the beginning of the end of a crisis which put much egg on Chipzilla’s face.