Nanya fails to capitalise on DRAM growth

Taiwanese memory company Nanya made a loss for its fourth quarter despite the fact the memory market is more buoyant than it’s been for years. And it’s blaming the  problem on its inability to produce enough DRAM in its first financial quarter.

According to the Taipei Times, a Nanya rep said that PC makers are desperate for chip inventory and there’s a big shortage of DDR3 memory.

Memory manufacturers are desperate to shift the industry from the previous DRAM standard DDR2 to DDR3 in 2010. But that’s led to something of a problem because there’s still strong demand for DDR2 memory.

In the depths of the economic recession, many semiconductor firms re-trenched and now they’re reaping the fruits of their earlier caution.

There are shortages of wafers because of a lack of investment in the downturn and that’s set to grow during 2010.

Nanya is shifting its process technology to 50 nanometers in this calendar quarter but will play a game of catchup as the year progresses.