Nanya denies Elpida and Micron tie up

Despite the company’s share price soaring on the back of rumours that it was about to announce a tie up with Elpida and Micron, Taiwanese chipmaker Nanya said that it has no plans to go ahead with it.

Nanya Chairman Chia Chau Wu told Reuters  that he did not know of any deal between the other two companies and the company had no current intention to take part in one.

Although he did not say if Nanya would welcome any such tie-up, it seems that at the moment it is not being negotiated.

The rumours started last week when Japan’s Nikkei business newspaper reported that Elpida would seek to eventually include Nanya’s parent company, Formosa Plastics Group.

All three DRAM chipmakers have been hit by slumping prices in a weak economy and falling sales.

Nanya was always going to be the junior partner in any consolidation. At four percent its market share is not high, but together with Micron and Elpida, the three will rank second. Micron and Elpida both had around 12 percent each.