NAND memory suffers as oversupply kicks in

The price of branded NAND Flash fell by nine percent overall in the second quarter of this year as the curse of the semiconductor market, oversupply kicked in. That decrease is compared to the same quarter last year.

That’s according to a report from DRAM Exchange, which said, however that sales of NAND for tablet PCs and smartphones continued to be strong.

King of the NAND hill was Samsung (40.1%), followed by Toshiba (27.8%), Hynix (13.1%), Micron (11.3%) and Intel (7.7%).

Overall, market shares amounted to $4.88 billion.

Toshiba, not unnaturally, was affected by the earthquake in mid-March.  Intel, said DRAM Exchange, will start shipping 20 nanometre products in the second half of this year.