My life as an Intel outcaste continues

It is a supreme irony to me that my life seems so inextricably entwined with the Great Satan of Chips means that it and me are joined at the hips.

I have been occluded by events at Intel, so spent my own dollar to come out here for my Intel holiday, staying at the very pleasant Fairmont Hotel, at a 72 degrees angle to where the official Intel includes are staying – the Hilton. Where you smoke.  There are a few places in San Francisco where you can still smoke. I would recommend a Google Search for a site which covers Smoking Hotels in North America. Intel used to put the includes up at the Marriott which operates a strict no-smoking rule. One British hack, who I will not name, brought along a set of Allan keys last year and took a whole pane out so that he could smoke on the 30th floor….

Now that I have been occluded by the Great Satan, this particular individual Beelzebub will hang around at the edges – an infinitely better place to be than in the thick of thins.

I have already bumped into many of my friends out here, and no doubt will see more of them in times to come over the next few days.

Intel competitors are already doing their level best to irritate the chip giant.  A giant crane from a company with the unlikely name of Condon Johnson is stationed outside the Apple store, where no doubt there will be a frenzy of activity on Wednesday ahead of the launch of yet another iPhone. AMD is holding an event this afternoon at the St Regis, while the includes are being forced to watch a two hour long Intel film. Rumours are doing the rounds that Intel will can the Atom and has given up the ghost on ever getting more tha a handful of telephone wins. Intel never comments on rumours although it is well known for starting loads of them itself.

We are sure that Mr Dadi “my daughter tells me” Perlmutter will keep us riveted to our seats tomorrow morning because he, rather than Inspector Paul Otellini of the Intel yard will be going a key-noting.

Anyway, although Intel has whispered that both TechEye and ChannelBiz are “unimportant” publications, it has made the surpassing error yet again of issuing credit cards for food. They are supposed to be spent on food, but last year several of the British contingent took themselves up to the Apple store and wasted all of the available “luncheon vouchers” as part buy towards Macbooks.  How we laughed, and how Intel frowned.

Anyway the guys are still putting their things up, so everyone is really on the periphery today…. More later.