MSI launches overclocked N430GT with double over-voltage

MSI has today launched its N430GT series of graphics cards, which promise superior overclocking capability and the world’s first double over-voltage function for the latest Nvidia card.

The N430GT utilises MSI’s Afterburner software, which allows adjustment of GPU core and memory voltage up to 20 percent overclocking capability. 

The software can also save up to five different overclock setting profiles, allowing multiple users to adapt speeds, heat output, and power consumption depending on their individual requirements.

For those concerned about GPU temperatures, Afterburner will also provide real-time monitoring and adjustment straight from the software.

Like others in the GT 430 range, it will pack 1GB of 128-bit DDR3 memory, 96 CUDA cores, while it will feature overclocked speeds of 785MHz for the core and 2,000MHz for memory.

MSI is also touting the N430GT as having military class concept components, adopting the Super Ferrite Choke for better overclocking ability, a 10 percent greater effiency, and a 30 percent higher current to the GPU. 

MSI promises that the solid capacitors contained in the card will have a lifespan of over 10 years, which it said amounts to a more stable performance and less chance of experiencing downtime during extended use.

The N430GT will support 3D Stereoscopic HD and Nvidia PhysX, allowing users to enjoy 3D games or movies. It also supports 7.1 TrueHD and DTS-HD for superior high definition sound quality.

Pricing is €79 ($110), making it a bit more expensive than Nvidia’s reference price for the non-overclocked models.