Motorola signs up for Intel Medfield

Word on the street is that Motorola and Lenovo have signed up for Intel’s new Medfield mobile platform.

It has not been clear who Chipzilla’s chums in the mobile industry were and now it seems that the American Statesman has outed both Motorola and Lenovo.

Little is known about  what Motorola and Lenovo has planned for the Medfield platform. Since it was a leak, hardware specifications were not mentioned, but it looks like there will be an announcement at Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain next week.  Failing that there is always SnowBIT in Hangover the week after.

Analysts say that Intel has managed to get enough juice out of the platform to be a serious competitor.

Patrick Moorhead with Moor Insights & Strategy claimed that the new chip has strong enough performance and power savings to excel at two important smartphone functions: Web surfing and playing video clips.

Intel desperately needs to get involved in the mobile market which has been the traditional stomping ground of ARM. This is particularly so now that Microsoft has announced that its Windows platform will start working on ARM chips from next year.

Our prediction was that the chip, with a spec of 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and FM radios, and some kind of GPU will hardly set the world on fire.