Mobile 3D chip wows the investors

Ident Technology, a small German outfit which makes a mobile and gesture-control chip, has just got a shedload of cash from the investment arm of electronics and technology company Bosch.

Robert Bosch Venture Capital, is apparently very interested in Ident’s new chip for 3D gestural control.

Dubbed the The GestIC, the chip is a highly integrated system-on-chip for a wide range of consumer electronics devices, including smartphones, tablets, ereaders, digital cameras and video game equipment.

According to Ident, it uses something called e-field technology that allows for real-time tracking of hand and finger movements in front of a device or display.

It can run on a variety of user interfaces including one-dimensional touchscreens, 3D gesture recognition and dynamic positional input of a user’s hand in free space.

The other plus is that is low power consumption which means that it can be shoved on a mobile device and not require too much juice.

Dieter Kraft, Investment Partner for the European Region of RBVC, said that the investors were impressed by the technological and commercial achievements of IdentT.

He used the world “groundbreaking” which was worrying, but talked about how the chip would make important contributions to the world of human machine interfaces. It proves, Kraft said that magically simple user interfaces are not only the territory of a few large companies.

Investors MIG Funds and Danube Equity also took part in the funding which gave the outfit about $10 million.