MIT's Tilera 100 core chip out this year

Tilera has said that it will release a 100 core chip later this year after promising us one since 2009.

The TILE-Gx range was supposed to come out in 16, 36, 64, and 100 core models.

While the 16, 36, and 64 core models have come out the more headline grabbing 100 core chip has not been seen.

According to Wired, Tilera plans to ship the 100-core TILE-Gx later this year and the company’s next line, code-named Stratton and set for release in 2013. This will allow the TILE-GX to expand its range from as four and as many as 200 cores.

Tilera will move from a 40-nm to a 28-nm process which means that it can stuff more circuits into the same area.

Wired said that the MIT-run outfit is attracting the interest of several companies. Facebook looked at the TILE-Gx against Intel and AMD’s Xeon and Opteron server-processors. Apparently the 64-core Tilera TILEPro64 yielded at least 67 percent higher throughput than low-power x86 servers.

Facebook’s tests did reveal one of the problems that the chip has. Its processor cores can only address about 4GB of memory.

Anant Agarwal, director of MIT, said that the 32-bit architecture is a non-starter for the cloud space and Tilera’s 64-bit processors are capable of supporting as much as a terabyte of memory and should more than address this problem.