Microsoft tests ARM chips in servers

After a year of playing with Intel Atom chips in its servers, Microsoft has decided to give ARM a crack at it.

According to, Redmond may well be testing ARM-based servers in addition to solid-state storage drives for its online services division.

It is these server farms that operate sites like Bing, and Microsoft is trying to drive down energy costs without sacrificing performance.

Redmond has a job listing on its site for a software development engineer that reads that the successful candidate will provide sufficient “server and networking capacity, the Autopilot Hardware team is involved in Data Center planning, new hardware expirementation [sic] including SSD and ARM, vendor relationships, delivery and installation, network management, and the development of software to automate provisioning and management of all hardware pieces in the dependency chain.”

What Microsoft watchers will note is that Intel is not on the list. Last year, it was reported that Microsoft had been involved in a similar set up with Atom-based processors inside its servers.

ARM based chips are normally seen inside mobile phones.