Microsoft jumps on internet of things bandwagon

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesMicrosoft, like Intel, appears to believe its future is in the internet of things (IoT).

That’s according to Richard Edwards, principle research analyst at Ovum.

He said that vendors of desktops, notebooks and tablet computers hope Windows 10 will bring back people who have endured “the Windows 8 debacle”.

But Microsoft, said Edwards – while it is hoping Windows 10 will do well too – doesn’t care about the mobile operating systems market.

Instead, he said: “It’s about gaining a strong foothold in the next multibillion dollar market, the internet of things”.

Microsoft wants to provide an OS and services for “things” that aren’t PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, is “cloud savvy” and has developed three flavours of Windows 10.

One is aimed at IoT for devices using X86 or ARM chips, 256MB of memory, 2GB storage and with universal apps and drivers; one for mobile devices using ARM chips; and one for industry devices.

He said: “Microsoft continues to remind partners and device builders that Windows IoT is free for small devices and is urging manufacturers to consider the Windows operating systems as they build their new, intelligent, connected devices.”

Apparently it wants companies making micro kiosks, industrial machines, robots and medical devices to adopt Windows 10.

And then Microsoft has Azure IoT services.

“Microsoft clearly understands that many paths will open up along the IoT value chain, so it is building a range of components that partners can combine, enhance and extend as the market evolves,” he said.