Microprocessor shipments up by a third

A report from market research company IDC has underlined the recent good results posted by both Intel and AMD.

Microprocessor sales rose by 31.3 percent in the fourth calendar quarter of 2009, indicating that the industry has put the recession behind it, said Shane Rau, director of semiconductor research at IDC.

Server CPU sales and notebook CPU sales grew well. Notebook processors, including Intel’s Atom family, rose by 11.7 percent in the fourth quarter last year. Shipments of server processors grew by 14.1 percent quarter on quarter, year on year.

The desktop processor market stays in the doldrums, however. Shipments of those CPUs only grew by 4.8 percent quarter on quarter, year on year.

Intel, according to IDC, has an 80.5 percent overall market share – down by 0.6 percent. AMD has a 19.4 percent share, up by 0.7 percent. Via, the only other X86 player has 0.2 percent of the market.

Rau said IDC had raised its forecast for growth in PC processor shipments this year to 15.1 percent, compared to 2009. “We’re looking forward to the end of hte second quarter and the second half of the year as corporations qualify new client and server platforms and open up their IT budgets further,” said Rau. The corporate market will start spending again, he said.