Micron and Hynix "conspired to destroy Rambus"

A US court was told how Micron and Hynix used their combined power to prevent Rambus‘ superior memory technology from becoming an industry standard.

Opening statements began in a California state court in a long running antitrust lawsuit where Rambus finally takes on Micron and Hynix.

Rambus lawyers claim that Micron and Hynix boycotted its RDRAM memory technology and then improperly colluded to restrict production and raise the price of Rambus chips.

Rambus claimed that it lost $4.38 billion because of the pair’s antics.

Micron and Hynix have said in the past that they didn’t do nuttin, they were not there, and Rambus’s RDRAM was broken before they got there.

According to Reuters,  Rambus brief Bart Williams said Micron and Hynix stopped its RDRAM from becoming widely adopted. It should have been a contender. Chip giant Intel loved it and so did PC manufacturers, he claimed.

But the defendants did not want to share the DRAM market with Rambus so they cheated, he claimed.

We expect to hear what Micron and Hynix attorneys have to say about the case today. After years of out-of-court legal tussles, we expect the case to run and run.

It is being held in the Superior Court of the State of California in San Francisco.