Memory, storage nanotechnology just round the corner

Stan Williams, an HP senior fellow in the Research division, started his presentation by saying that researchers had attracted many brilliant young scientists and made some unanticipated breakthroughs, but they hadn’t been as smart as they might have been.

Since 2000, HP Labs has researched nanostructure fabrication and by 2010 was working on sensors including MEMS accelerometers and SERS chemical sensor, as well as photonic interconnect, memresistors for storage, memory, and for synaptic computing.

HP memristors at the nano level include flash replacements, solid state disks, DRAM replacements, universal memory and neural computing. HP isn’t the only company researching this – Williams said Samsung is set to produce a paper in the next few months and now many companies are working on it. The first product is expected to appear in 2013.

Williams had some interesting slides to show off.