MediaTek pins hopes on top-tier tablet targets

MediaTek is planning a massive push for selling its ARM big.LITTLE-based MT8135 tablet processor, setting its sights on Google, Amazon and Sony, as well as other branded notebook and tablet vendors.

Taipei-based Digitimes first heard the rumours, citing industry sources. The quad core CPU can already be found in some kit from Acer, Lenovo and Asustek.

MediaTek is hoping by getting its product into top names like Google and Amazon, which already ship plenty of their own devices, will increase its share in the global tablet market.

The sources say MediaTek expects five top PC brands will be rolling out more than 10 tablets with its own quad core chips under the bonnet by the year’s end.

MediaTek previously announced it wanted to ship 15 million tablet units for 2013, but now expects it can raise the target to 20 million.