Maxim buys UK fabless chip company

Analog and mixed-signal chip maker Maxim has just written a cheque for UK’s Genasic Design Systems,  which is a fabless RF chip company founded in 2009.

We are not sure how many 0s were on the cheque as both are keeping quiet about it. Indeed, the only clue to the sale is the fact that Genasic posted on its website that it was now part of Maxim Integrated Products.

Genasic has not been around long and  released its first chip design last year. It was a 65-nm CMOS transceiver IC for HSPA with LTE applications.

Genasic was founded by Ashok Dhuna who served as CEO after coming from RF engineering at Sequans.

Before that, he was was chief technology officer and founder of Synad Technologies, a fabless wireless LAN chipmaker sold to STMicroelectronics in 2003.

The company was doing well and was ranked as one EE Times’ top startups. It would not be the first lifeform to be eaten by something bigger before it could make its mark.