Marvell releases quad-core Armada XP for enterprise cloud

Marvell, or beautiful harmony as its Chinese name, Mei Man, translates to, has announced its Armada XP processor. It’s an ARM processor which is aimed at enterprise class applications, particularly cloud computing.

The Armada XP is quad-core, integrating four Marvell designed ARM compliant 1.6GHz CPUs. It is designed to consume low power while still delivering decent performance per watt for powering cloud computing applications, like media servers and high performance networking. Its Dhrystone MIPS performance is 16,600 at under 10 watts. 

It includes 64-bit DDR2/DDR3/DDR3L memory interface with ECC support, up to 800MHz clock rates. There are four PCI-e 2.0 units and four Gigabit networking ports. There’s also support for up to 16 high speed SERDES lanes with multi-funtionality for PCI-e, SATA, SGMII and QSGMII. 

The Armada XP is being sampled to customers right now and will be on display  during the ARM conference the 9-11 of this month.