Marvell invests $200 million in Israel

Marvell, the fabless semiconductor company, has said that it will be splashing out $200 million on its current research and development centres in Israel, in a bid to help introduce its mobile chips and system-on-chips to the market at a quicker rate.

Israel is big business for chip companies, with Intel making it a key country for semiconductor production as well as being a top employer.  

Now Marvell’s co-founder, chairman and CEO Dr. Sehat Sutardja tells President Shimon Peres that the company will invest 200 million in the coming year.

Like Intel, the company already has a recognised presence in the country, which it entered 10 years ago.

Since then it has made a number of acquisitions which sum up to a tidy $3.5 billion, while its  Israeli development centre has 1,200 employees, and comes second to its US plant.

Marvell Israel general manager Yossi Meyouhas told Reuters that the new investment comes as a result of Israel facing “new, expanded international competition.”

He added it is “critical” that organisations invest in the country, to ensure it remains “a recognised leader in R&D and technology innovation.”