Marvell announces dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi System-on-Chip

Marvell has announced a new dual-band Wi-Fi System-on-Chip called Avastar 88W8797, which it claims is the first mobile multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) Wi-Fi product on the market.

The Avastar 88W8797 comes with Wi-Fi Tx beamforming technology, which allows for a larger network range than older 11n 2×2 devices.  

It also features Bluetooth 4.0 low energy capability and FM Tx/Rs, making it a higher performing device with a strong power efficiency offering.

It supports the IEEE 802.11n standard and features 2×2 dual-band MIMO technology, which allows data transfer rates of up to 300Mb/s, double the speeds that are currently available, making it suitable for the increasingly data-hungry smartphone and tablet markets.

The use of two transceivers will also solve some problems with interference, according to Marvell, since the blocking of one antenna means there’s still a backup one for no signal loss.

While the product is mainly aimed at mobile devices, Marvell believes it’s also suitable for home media servers, laptops, set-top-boxes and digital TVs.

The Avastar 88W8797 will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.