Llano will ship in April – report

Constultants  have been telling the world+dog that AMD will begin shipping its long awaited Llano APUs next month.

In the case of financial outfit Sterne Agee, it is probably not just an industry rumour, as its semiconductor bloke is quite well connected with some fairly good deep throats within AMD.

The report, by Vijay Rakesh, MD of Sterne Agee,  said that the April shipments are purportedly only going to large PC vendors such as HP and Acer, though, rather than the retail channel. He thinks that people should be buying AMD shares because its 32-nanometer Llano will boost its notebook share. The Llano family is made by GlobalFoundries, spun off from AMD.

AMD has given vague dates about Llano’s release indicating that it will be the second quarter and everyone should expect the processors in ‘summer 2011.’ At the Distree conference in Monaco earlier this year, a senior source at AMD indicated these processors won’t really begin to be available until the third quarter of this year.

Rakesh told the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Trader Daily Bog that he’d always expected the chips to ship in the second quarter of this year all along. It is just that the second quarter begins a bit sooner than most people expect.

There are some strange things about Rakesh’s predictions. He also suggested that the Bulldozer APUs will not appear until the third quarter of this year, rather than the second quarter. This would make Bulldozer arrive after Llano, which is fairly daft.

AMD is still keeping quiet about its release dates, so in the meantime Rakesh is free to speculate.