LG claims 3D TVs will have WiDi

Intel’s Wireless Display connection will be appearing under the bonnet of LG 3D TVs next year.

Apparently LG has signed a deal with Intel to ensure WiDi technology to feature in its 3D TVs next year. This connection enables the user to get content stored on laptops, smartphones and tablets to be transmitted and displayed on Smart TVs without the need for either Wi-Fi connection or external adaptors.

It creates a direct connection between chips on the device source and the display. So it means that you can use a notebooks and other mobile gadgets to connect directly to the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, projector or monitor while saying away from the Internet Connection itself. It is aimed at streaming stored materials in the hard disk.

Good3DTV quoted the senior vice president of TV business unit at LG, Seog-ho Ro as saying that the deal with Chipzilla would help owners to enjoy the content in a more comfortable and stylish way.

3D television is still struggling thanks to the recession and a lack of decent content. TV makers had been hoping that pushing Internet connected TVs which did much more would cause the market to move a little. 2012 will see a range of new gadgets hammered onto 3D tellies in the hope of getting more punters interested.