Leaked video of Fusion Llano tips up

A video which shows AMD’s upcoming Fusion based Llano chips, compared with Intel’s Sandy Bridge, has been leaked to the great unwashed on YouTube.

The comparison is being made between a quad core Llano chip codenamed A8-3510MX and Intel’s Sandy bridge i7 2600K.

The Llano features an AMD Radeon HD 6620M graphics processing unit against the i7 2600k’s HD 3000 Graphics chip.

It looks like the Llano chip has a clock speed of 1.8ghz which, with the turbo goes up to 2.5Ghz. This is half the clock speed of the 2600K which runs at 3.4Ghz and turbos up to 3.8Ghz. However the Llano chip manages to wipe the flaw with the Intel rig.

Both rigs use the same hardware including a 1366×768 resolution monitor, 4GB DDR3 ram @ 800mhz, 500GB HDD and Windows 7 64-bit OS.

Using the SuperPi benchmark, Llano outperforms the faster clocked i7 2600 by 1M digits.

A GPU benchmark and high quality video is also played simultaneously which shows remarkable results. The quality of the video on Llano is much better and is giving smoother playback against the Sandy Bridge chip.

The GPU benchmark on the Sandy Bridge manages a max of only 3.99 FPS while the Llano chip runs at 19.21 max FPS.

It looks like the Radeon HD 6620M is the brains behind the performance improvements. However the CPU is performing better in a benchmark where Intel normally does better.

On the power side the Llano APU uses lower power than most quad core CPUs, making it ideal for notebooks.